For the entirety of my career, I have been obsessed with bringing clarity to complexity. First in a mission-focused non-profit film company, and most recently as an information architecture consultant, connecting business and user needs to digital technology efforts across a variety of industries. In my role as an information architect for the better part of a decade, the problems I have been charged to solve and the programs I have been asked to create have varied; yet at their core is always the need for better understanding. Better understanding between business and IT, between an organization and its customers, and between merged business entities; all of which are necessary to bring cohesion to any complex system, regardless of the industry.
It is this pursuit of clarity and understanding that excites me. I believe that understanding a problem to its essence makes finding the right solution obvious and intuitive. When we stop short of fully understanding a challenge, we run the risk of creating solutions for the wrong problem.
I have been a part of delivering over 30 projects, with a 100% success rate. A commonality across all of these projects, whether creating a new call center CRM or unifying the mess of digital properties that result from a corporate merger, is the process of bringing light to complexity.
The way I work is simple. I always start by understanding the “what” and “why” of the project before getting into “how” it should be built. Once it is clear what the problem is and why it needs to be solved, the how of the solution tends to make itself known pretty clearly. I believe that the most difficult challenge in getting transformational work done in an organization is communicating that work and making sure the right people can see that they are heard and understood.
I have multi-domain problem solving experience and experience leading a team of dedicated (and aspirational) user experience professionals to create excellent products.
I have experience with teams of many sizes and dynamics and, as a consultant, I've learned to inspire and motivate my teams by means other than “because I’m your boss,” because I’ve not been their boss. 
My Process: 

1. Understand the Business & Create Durable Stakeholder Agreement
2. Understand the Users' Behaviors, Needs, and Intentions 

3. Shed Light on Complexity Through Models
4. Create Harmonious Structures Based on Reality