Ethnographic Research: Contextual Inquiry
Sat with users of a call-center application to learn about how they do work naturally so that we could design a helpful and effective application. 
Performed an in-home study of different people's ways of thinking about finding complex information and performing research using their mobile devices. This was generative research, we didn't know what we didn't know in this area and used this study as a starting point. 
Moderated Research: Structural Prototype Testing
A concept study to make sure that the high-level structural model made sense. I sketched a prototype to communicate a high-level structure to users and linked the sketched up in InVision. The sketches were not going to turn into the real interface, but I was able to verify the structural concept before moving onto the next (and more expensive) levels of detail.
Unmoderated Research: Tree Tests & Card Sorts
Performed quantitative studies to build initial, low-cost confidence in an information architecture. 
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